July 2014

Just walked the dog of my neighbour… Loef ❤



And here he is… Louis. The newest member of my family…. he is such a sweetie-pie, I am already in love with the dog. It’s a shame my parents are taking him back to their residential in the middle of nowhere place so I won’t be able to visit it. I have such a big need to have an animal of my own. Something to cuddle with on the couch when I am upset or when I need comfort. if my university hours werent so demanding I would have already bought one. In 3 more years I can have a little dog or kitten of my own. I can NOT wait.

Laying Down

July 17th.

There is no feeling I can describe. My heart stopped for a second when I heard the news. It is silly since I didn’t know any passenger on that flight personally. One of my good friends lost her roommate, and that is where it hit me the most. All these people, so full of life, many in the prime of their life… just got stolen from their dreams. In one small moment, their whole world crushed down. It killed me. It happens more often but this time it just came so close. I can’t stop thinking about it. How precious life is. And the futile things we worry about, I worry about. The silly things I stress about… university work, my weight, my looks, my friends… everything seems so pointless now. Because before you know it, it can be over.

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